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    Alienware Aurora R7 -1

    Alienware Aurora R7 – 2019

    Brand Name: Dell 

    Series: aurora

    Item model number: AWAUR7-7883SLV-PUS

    Hardware Platform: PC

    Operating System: Windows 10

    Item Weight: 32.7 pounds


    Today, you can not buy a more powerful gaming platform than a desktop PC. They are not cheap, but at least they offer great value for the money and are a semi-future test for game enthusiasts. One of these systems is the Alienware Aurora R7 (AWAUR7-7876SLV-PUS), a game system that is not so affordable, but Alienware assured that it has excellent speeds and premium components in a complexly designed. Enough muscles for soft 4K games, the Aurora R7 is a Top Pick for hardcore players and extreme multitaskers that need a general power to have excellence.

    The Design

    Alienware’s smooth-looking Aurora R7 is one of the most attractive desktops you can buy, sporting a gray and customizable three-way LED lights on either side. It was taken from where the fierce Area 51 stopped, with both vented middle panels and ergonomic angles and the Alienware logo on the front (which also serves as a power button).

    Measuring 18.6 by 8.35 by 14.19 inches (HWD) is not necessarily the most compact design around: But it is not that big either. However, it does get some grip with 37.67 pounds, but you can easily spin it thanks to a smooth top handle. The chassis is dotted with a large exhaust pipe and is further supplemented by massive air intakes on the sides and front, giving the system excellent airflow.

    The design is great, but access is another great thing about this system. The chassis called Alienware features a no less-than-ideal design, for easy upgrading. To bring out the right side of the lid, all you have to do is pull the lever back to reveal the power supply attached to a hinged panel.

    At first, it may seem complicated, but the only trick is to remove the two switches that hold the panel in place. After that, you can easily switch off the power supply unit to access other components, including processor, graphics card, motherboard, and memory. On the back, you have three expansion slot covers that you can easily slide down as needed.

    Upgradability / Ports

    The new Aurora R7 port layout remains unchanged from previous models, save for additional USB-C ports up front. With the new Type-C port, this system is available on machines such as the Dell XPS Tower and MSI Infinite, with the new possibility of easily charging or connecting any of your USB-C peripherals. The rest of the panel above includes three USB 3.1 ports and headphones and mic jacks.

    The back holds a set of USB ports for all your needs, possibly connecting to a VR headset or any other gadget, including six USB 2.0 ports, four USB 3.1 ports, and one additional USB-C port. There is also a full suite of audio ports, and Ethernet ports, and an S / PDIF jack for your optical audio gadget. Also, on the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card, there is an HDMI port and a trio of DisplayPort connections for multiple connectivity displays.

    I like Alienware’s Aurora for the easy upgrades, and the same aspect is at play here. As mentioned, the desktop side panels have launched a fast grabbing dish, and once inside, you slide down the power supply and remove the graphics cards, storage drives, and RAM, all without using even a single tool. For those who enjoy the free tinkering tool, this should be the tool of choice.


    Powerful processors, high-end GPUs, and tons of RAM get you into the business. As you might imagine, it looks like the Aurora R7 has no faults. As you work in clusters, the Intel Core i7-8700K is always ready to take on more. This Hexa-core CPU belongs to the latest eighth-generation of processors, a step up from the quad-core processors that powered the previous iterations of Alienware’s Aurora. 

    For day-to-day multitasking, this is the best that any professional can have because it allows you to open more than a dozen browser tabs, a couple of game downloads and a video encoding in the background without slowing down.

    Optane Memory

    Storage comes in the way of a 2TB hard drive and a 32GB Intel Optane, which is a solid, but affordable one. Configuration compared to powerful drives with a higher power. Optane memory is not a replacement for real SSD; it offers a way to boost traditional steering spinning drive and deliver SSD-national performance without costing too much. At first, Optane Memory may sound like RAM, but it’s a particular storage solution that connects to a PC motherboard’s M2 storage slot (PCI Gener 3.0 × 2). Available in the latest motherboard, the first designed for Intel Kabi Lake (Seventh Generation) processor in addition to the 212 Series Intel chipset.

    Whatever the attached storage drive does, it offers 16GB or 32GB of optical memory, and the result is fast cache burning and high overall performance. The Aurora R7 has 32GB of Intel Optane Memory with 16G DDR4 RAM (maximum 64GB), which gives 2TB 7200RPM hard drive storage. More of a place that similarly incorporates pricing systems and an opt-in memory module takes into account many things in this price range.

    Last Thoughts

    Alienware Aurora R7 is an excellent fusion of design, power, and upgradability that you can get for the money. Granted, it’s not the cheapest gaming desktop available, but it offers excellent value, and that’s what matters most. The chassis is as simple as upgrading the internals as a proof of the future of agile and technologically efficient players with customizable LED lights standing in your command center.

    For those who support Intel’s 8th Gen Core processor and Nvidia GTX 1080 graphics card, we’ve been hard-pressed to detect an error for the apparent reason that nothing is perfect. In the case of the Alienware Aurora R7, it might be hard to find a mistake here. This gaming machine is adorable, gorgeous, not just for gamers but for power users. If you are in the market for an attractive, LED-backlit gaming PC in the future that you can expand into something bigger, Alienware Aurora R7 will be a great choice.




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