Best Gaming Controllers – For Your Money 2019

    Best Gaming Controllers – For Your Money 2019


    What if we don’t have the right equipment to get the optimum experience?

    As for gaming equipment in general, we have seen that you can essentially upgrade the entire setup if you wish. Today, I wanted to focus on what you will use to dictate the entire game in front of your controllers. Whether you are on Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac, a smart device with iOS or Android, I have found the best gaming controllers that will give you the backbone upgrade of your entire setup as a whole and give you something everyone needs whatever your favorite game or system is.




    Since we have the best game controllers, I want to point you in the right direction based on your own needs. First, what system do you use to game? The best game controllers come in all shapes, sizes and, system compatibility. I have seen some game controllers stretching across multiple consoles and others just one to keep it simple. I will list which models are compatible with which systems to help you. If you are a multi-system player, you can try to find a controller that is more versatile than others to use for multiple consoles or computers or you may need to buy a few (not too expensive compared to others).


    The next question from me is: wired or wireless? The classic debate for not only gamers but also users of electronics, in general, is whether you want to sacrifice the advantages and disadvantages of a wireless controller or simply revive it with a wired model. With wired controllers, you won’t have to worry about recharging your battery before the game (and of course, risk it in the middle of a fierce battle or game).


    However, with wireless gaming controllers, and just like wireless gaming keyboards or a wireless gaming mouse, you have the obvious convenience of more versatility and freedom without being restricted to a wire, but you’ll need to stay on top to charge. NOTE: Look into the battery in terms of hours spent – some go up to 40 hours.


    I have also heard complaints from some people about delays in gaming with wireless gaming devices, as it will take a little more time to transfer motion and button data to your system – I didn’t notice this in an obvious way, especially today with the advancement of Bluetooth. The only time I say not to go wireless is if you play competitively and can’t risk the milliseconds of delay. Others may sacrifice a little lag. It’s up to you in the end.


    Lastly, what additional features of the controller stand out to you? To me, what stands out is ergonomics to give us more comfortable and perhaps easier movement, but shortcuts and additional buttons if needed. Some of us have emulated the original game controller of the game with all its features and keys, but they are upgrades in construction and comfort.


    Some include several other add-ons that you may consider to be worth the money. These include additional programmable keys, smart device mounts, additional inputs, Bluetooth functionality, web surfing compatibility, voice search and more. Without further due, let’s get to this article.






    GameSir G4s Bluetooth Wireless



    This is another unique option for Android smartphone and tablet gaming. The mobile app gaming industry has exploded and if you have ever been involved with this particular gaming experience, you should know by now that being the best controller is the most important if you are not shaking your touch screen. The G4’s 32-bit high-speed MCU chip enables a higher sensitivity as well as a great response time.


    It’s wireless and lasts about 18 hours, and has some lights attached to your game. There is a hard time to deny that the G4 of the GameSi is a great controller apart from the lesser-known brand name, otherwise, if you are an Android major and on a tight budget, this is a solid choice for improving your gaming experience.





    SteelSeries Nimbus Bluetooth Mobile Gaming Controller



    SteelSeries Nimbus – is a new and improved controller, which offers up to 40 hours of gameplay before you will be out of juice. This controller, which offers the ability to play hundreds of games on all devices, mobile applications, including Apple TV, making it one of the best gaming controllers for applications.


    Just charge it and play in a comfortable place in any place that you see fit, as Nimbus – the ideal travel companion that will give you access to all of the best games on the market. Besides, you can start to forget about the research of new and exciting games for mobile applications, as SteelSeries Nimbus engaged in dirty work for you.


    The controller itself is charged through the lightning connector, optimizing efficiency and allowing the controller to get the maximum charge. SteelSeries Nimbus – one of the most effective ways to play mobile games these days.




    Razer Serval – Mobile Gaming Controller


    Designed for optimal accuracy and greater control over your mobile games, the Razer Serval offers a state-of-the-art driver that is truly a complete package in terms of the optimal features you’ll need for a great smart device driver.


    Serval is designed as a Bluetooth controller that is best used with Android or Android TV devices but can also be connected to a computer via USB and used in this way. This game controller is designed with Hyperesponse ABXY touch action buttons to take full advantage of your potential, as well as analog cards and Android navigation buttons for everything you need.


    If you are a less experienced Android player, this controller could be used as a good beginner controller because it simplifies your experience and also offers optimized convenience. Now you can play PC or Android games with a driver specifically designed for this purpose, making Razer Serval one of the best game drivers sold for computers and mobile games on Android devices.



    Logitech Gamepad F710





    Play it on your HDTV with the comfort of your gaming environment. The Gamepad’s F710 is considered as the best wireless gaming controller and allows you to wander around the room by plugging the nano-receiver into the USB port for faster 2.4 GHz data transmission.


    The Controller dual vibration feedback engines are noteworthy and allow the user to feel that they are inside the game. Plus, you also have custom controls with custom software, they build nice, sturdy plastic, and even better, equipped with A Double Batteries (two of them), so you don’t have to worry about the controller; simply replace the batteries instead.


    Complete thanks to the reasonably priced gaming controller, because the Logitech F710 will allow you to live at different levels of gaming, wirelessly or withstand charging to be able to. It is one of the highest-rated users worldwide.





    Steam Controller





    If you’re a Steam only person and find yourself sticking to Valve games, this game controller allows you to play all Steam games without using the traditional keyboard and mouse combination. The driver allows the user to have a unique experience, as it is equipped with double pads, double triggers, and fully customizable driver diagrams.


    Enjoy a gaming experience with controllers of different entry requirements, as you can now play your game at a higher level regardless of your preferred genre. Steam Controller also offers improved resolution and the versatility of its inputs, and that’s something you shouldn’t be so sure to find in other Steam-compatible game cushions, as it is created by literal platform creators.


    Equipped to provide more accurate gameplay, this high-tech driver focuses specifically on low latency and more efficient wireless performance control. So use the Steam Steam Controller to enjoy your gaming experience anywhere in the room that suits you. This is one of the best game controls if Steam is your thing.





    Logitech Gamepad F310



    If you are looking to bring your PS4 and Xbox experience to your PC or Android TV and past PC gaming management is not your thing anymore you want to keep it wired, look no further than the F310. Here we have a very budget-friendly and extensive native-style controller that allows you to enjoy the computer game experience in a more relaxed position.


    Set up your gaming PC with this easy-to-use USB-based controller that allows you to enjoy all of your favorite games with the two most common input criteria (Xinput and DirectInput). Asking for software installation (which is not a big deal) if you want to use DirectInput mode, however, this is still a versatile controller that is one of the best players in the market to play for players.


    Looking to save some money and get a simple solution? You can also play your games on your TV by pairing the F310 with Big Picture TV if you like, which also allows you to surf the web. Whether you love playing games to kill time or enjoy long-term gaming sessions, the Logitech F310 is a comfortable wired controller that will upgrade your gaming experience on your PC.



    DualShock 4 Wireless



    PlayStation is next, I have one of our favorite wireless solutions out there to make the PS4 experience a stepping stone. When it comes to multiple color options to match your personality, it connects seamlessly through Bluetooth, provides vibration response during severe or convenient times, with light-weight construction for comfort. , and an additional six-axis sensor and touchpad between your hands for added control of your skills.


    Of course, you’ll need to keep the ride on track if you’re not using it, but all you have to do is plug it into your PS4 system. I love the fact that it has a 3.5 mm audio jack inside the controller itself so you can plug in some headphones and keep them private. The Sony DualShock 4 is a fantastic solution as the game’s best developer and one of everyone’s favorites out there, plus it is very inexpensive.



    Read my full review of the DualShock 4 >HERE> PlayStation-4-wireless-remote-review-how-to-buy-them/


    Razer Wildcat eSports Customizable




    The next time I go to a more specific console model for Xbox One lovers. Razer Wildcat features a controller with added multifunction buttons that let you have ideal gaming experience. It is a controller to be used not only for leisure but also for tournament games and is developed based on various feedbacks from some of the best players out there.


    Due to its low weight, it is a very comfortable controller that allows you to grasp it with optimum comfort and less pain while playing in the afternoon. Relax any stress you might have when it comes to feeling tired in your game, as Razer Wildcat is greatly improved from other Xbox controllers in its class.


    The distinguishing factor is the layout of the buttons, the elegant aesthetics of the Razer with a green and black signature, as well as full customization, giving you the possibility to create your dedicated buttons for specific functions. Razer Wildcat speaks for itself, and it is our favorite as the best gaming controller because it offers optimal control of your experience.



    SteelSeries Stratus Bluetooth Mobile Gaming Controller




    Lastly, I have the highly-rated Stratus XL, which provides a wireless PC game playing experience that does not enable us to feel constrained by those cables or deploy in a specific environment while enjoying the game. Not only is it a solid and proven SteelSeries build, but there are also a few high tech upgrades and features that make it one of our favorite picks as the best controller for gaming right now.


    You have the standard movement keys available, one of the more impressive features is that besides the clickable joystick of the controller, its buttons can be pressure sensitive as opposed to standard static pressure, bringing an obvious upgrade from the original controller feel and giving you that real-life feel. Built for durability, this sturdy, compact controller has an ergonomic design that suits your hand and is a solution that lets you play as long as you can.


    The Steelseries Stratus XL minimizes any chance of discomfort as this controller will not only keep you feeling comfortable but also can access 40 hours plus wireless. When it comes to wireless gaming controllers, while you’re able to delay and continue charging, others can’t offer much.


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