Best Gaming Desktops 2019 – So Far

    Best Gaming Desktops 2019 – So Far

    The Best Gaming Desktops 2019 list


    The popularity of gaming computers has exploded in recent years. Of course, many people do not leave their favorite consoles. However, many amateurs changed their minds. And for a good reason.


    The Games you can purchase for beginners are cheaper and the width available is truly amazing. After all, the console exclusives (mostly) are something of the past. You can use the PC to play the latest strategy and simulation games, the best offers from e-Sports games and first-person shooters.


    Also, thanks to the open platform of the PC, you can access extensive wildly-inventive games. Whatever you are important and regardless of your preferences, you are always guaranteed to find something appropriate to your mood, skill, and desires.


    The PC also offers impressive graphics that are sure to rival the Xbox and PlayStation. They are even compatible with a variety of controller options; you can use anything from the keyboard and mouse to the steering wheel and joystick.


    So you can kick ass with whatever device you like. Most importantly, the PC can be easily modified. Yes, you can constantly change your computer to ensure a perfect gaming experience.



    MSI Trident X Plus – Gaming Desktop

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    The first compact desktop computer, featuring SFX power supplies and the latest MSI GeForce RTX graphics card. Designed for gamers who demand the highest gaming performance from a PC, the Trident X Plus Series offers impressive performance for any task, including game and video editing.


    This revolutionary design, combined with the new GeForce RTX ™ platform, brings together a real-time tracking system, artificial intelligence, and machine agility. You have never done a game like this before.


    Ray’s search is the only way to transmit light sources, textures, and shadows, which provide a more realistic idea than would be the case with modern delivery methods. NVIDIA Teding ™ is the first GPU capable of real-time ray-tracing.


    Cooling is key to the game system. The MSI Trident X Plus features a unique and unique cooling MSI technology called Silent Storm Cooling 3. Separating the CPU, VGA and PSUs into separate air-conditioned compartments, this cooling machine is fully equipped and ready for hours of playing without sweating.



    CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR

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    The CyberPowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR is optimized for games and is also ready for VR. The high-performance Intel processor and GPU give the computer the raw energy it needs to function at a high level. Added to high-speed memory and a large hard drive gives the CyberPowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR all the space needed only to focus on games.


    This system is tested to meet HTC VIVE VR support requirements with Steam VR and VR Oculus Rift. Virtual Reality Gaming is the next evolution in gaming and CyberPowerPC systems are ready to bring you the incredible experience VR offers.


    With a faster, intelligent, multi-core technology that uses processor power where it is most needed, the Intel Core i7 processors provide an incredible breakthrough in computer performance.


    GeForce GTX 16 graphics cards are powered by Pascal to deliver up to 3 times the performance of previous-generation graphics cards as well as innovative new gaming technology and breakthroughs in games. The combination of GeForce GTX graphics processors and NVIDIA Game Ready drivers delivers fast performance and low latency needed for an incredible gaming experience.


    Break the boundaries and enter your game with more stunning graphics than ever with the new DirectX 12 technology. The Windows 10 API is equipped with new features that will provide faster real-time processing to generate higher FPS and richer graphics as well as reduced power consumption to play longer.


    All CyberPowerPC game systems include a free black keyboard with 102 keys. The keyboard features 8 unique multimedia keys and ergonomic design. It also includes 3 buttons 7 RGB colors LED backlight gaming mouse with 4000 DPI optical sensor.



    CORSAIR ONE i140 Compact Gaming Desktop

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    The Corsair ONE redefines what you can expect from the i140 high-end gaming computer. Equipped with the powerful Intel Core i7-9700k eight-processor, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 graphics, and award-winning Corsair DDR4 memory, Corsair ONE offers ultra-small form factor and 2mm high-end PC performance. – premium beads-blown aluminum.


    The patented liquid cooling system combines incredibly low temperatures and minimal noise, built-in RGB lighting and powerful Corsair CUE software allow you to personalize your system’s look and instantly synchronize lighting profiles for all your Corsair iCUE-compliant products.


    The 2 mm thick beads are wrapped in a blown aluminum shell, the minimalist ultra-small form factor of the CORSAIR ONE i140 is designed to not stand on your desk.


    The NVIDIA is a stunning multi-screen immersion experience with support for three 4K screens with G-SYNC, VR, and HDR. CORSAIR ONE is conveniently fitted on your desk or in your living room.


    The built-in RGB light pipes and powerful Corsair iCUE software allow you to personalize your system’s look and instantly synchronize the lighting profiles of all your CORSAIR iCUE-compatible products.



    Alienware Gaming PC Desktop Aurora R7

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    The Alienware Aurora has a sweet design and is the first one that offers tool-less upgrades of graphic cards, hard drives and memory.


    Inspired by the thermal ergonomics of Area-51, the Aurora provides optimal air entry to the front and right panels and an exhausting ventilator for maximum airflow and cooling of internal components.


    The Alienware Aurora was designed to fully customize upgrades with an available 8-inch Intel Intel processor factory overclocked up to 4.6GHz across all 6 cores and 16GB of DDR4 at 2666 MHz.


    The new Always Ready Mode puts your system in a state between sleep and awake, allowing core programs to run in the background while the machine runs silently and in a lower mode of strength.


    AlienAdrenaline: Featuring customizable games and applications, a system performance optimizer and a performance monitoring tool, AlienAdrenaline provides users with all the tools they need to keep one step ahead of the competition.


    OC Controls: Control overclocking levels for your memory and CPU with OC controls. Keep track of memory activity levels, change settings on the fly, and turn on / off auto start in a convenient place.


    With customer OC, you can create your OC mode by making choices in your settings located in the ‘Customer Menu’ section of the BIOS OC screen.


    Innovative, tool-less access: A uniquely designed PSU swing-arm keeps graphics and expansion cards safely secured and easy to upgrade – along with memory modules and 5 storage drives – thanks to tool-less accessibility.


    Iconic & quiet design: Customizable AlienFX lighting gives the Aurora a distinct, dynamic look and its whisper-quiet operation allows you to get lost in the game without noisy distractions.


    Thermal Controls: Change settings and monitor internal temperatures and speeds of certain fans within your PC using the Active Thermals module.




    HP OMEN 880-139 Gaming Desktop

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    Moving from an average gamer to a gaming legend takes a force that doesn’t require reinforcements. OMEN Desktop is driven by cutting-edge design, the latest hardware in the industry, and easy upgradeability to break the latest AAA titles.


    Holding the target takes relentless force. This is why OMEN Desktop can use NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 dedicated graphics and the latest Hexa-Core Intel Core i7 processor unlocked for overclocking, so you can send opponents back in their response.


    Extreme vents, a 120mm front fan, and optional liquid cooling help ensure that when you are burning during play, your desktop will not become a molten core. Finish this with a machine-like design and ready-to-wear handle, and the game is over.


    Topping the charts leads to a machine that climbs with you. OMEN Desktop is designed for an easy upgrade with a tool-less door for quick access and maintenance and up to four 3.5-inch hard drive slots.



    7  ASUS ROG Zephyrus S Ultra Slim Gaming PC Laptop

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    The ROGephyrus S is upgrading its laptop-backed laptop with the ability to cool its 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor and up to the GeForce GTX 1070 with the Max-Q design, so you can be immersed in its uninterrupted 144Hz / 3ms display.


    12% thinner than the original GX501, 0.62 ″ thin metal alloys made from a single aluminum foil and a CNC-mounted cover makes the ROG Zephyrus S fully portable for life on the trip but strong enough to survive daily attacks. The metal body is a form of white lines and texture. The brushes hit the cover, the diamond cuts the chamfer along the edges, and the mark gives the ROG light.


    Super-narrow stitches broaden you to the action on the 144Hz-type of IPS-type. The high refreshing speed facilitates the play and lowers the enigmatic lake, while the 3ms-gray-to-gray response time produces sharper images without blurring.


    Do not be deceived with its slim body; ROG Zephyrus S has extensive power for AAA games, VR experiences and creative work. Thanks to its GeForce GTX 1070 with Max-Q design, it hit the cool point of the ultimate GeForce GTX game and impossible elegance.


    ROG Zephyrus S has the entire connection needed to play during the trip. Type-C (USB-C) ports are available at USB 3.1 Gen 2 and Gen 1-speeds, while Type-A USB 3.1 Gen 2 and USB 2.0 ports are perfect for play pad and mouse.


    This is one of the most interesting features of Zephyrus S that automatically adjusts fan speeds depending on the CPU and GPU temperatures, and you can quickly switch between three modes with a convenient function shortcut. With 12V fans and improved anti-dust tunnels, the Zephyrus S cooling system is ready to deal with the latest games easily.


    The AURA SYNC keyboard delivers precise n-key rollover battles and up to 20 million keystrokes. You can customize the colors and effects of the backlight according to your style, and another configurable RGB zone illuminates the AAS input for the ambient lighting.



    iBUYPOWER Pro Gaming PC (TRACE 9240 Black)

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    The tracer 9240 is optimized to play games in high-resolution Ultra settings and specializes in intense multi-tasking. Up-to-date with the latest technology with superior quality entertainment, excellent performance, and new experiences.


    Using Intel’s 9th gen i9 9900k CPU stack with NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 2070 GPU with the latest ray tracing technology that delivers power and true high-quality cinematic rendering to everyone PC gamers, content creators, and game developers.


    Easy access to all your files and no more breaks. Thanks to a heavy 16GB of RAM for multitasking and a quick 240GB SSD, your files are at your fingertips when you need them. Store large files with a large 1TB HDD and stop worrying about space.


    Showcased by some of the world’s largest tech and hardware media outlets, including IGN, Tom’s Hardware, and PC Gamer, iBUYPOWER is widely recognized as the forefront of innovation and high-performance gaming desks.



    SkiTech Archangel Gaming Computer [Ryzen & GTX 1050 Ti Edition]

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    Skytech Archangel provides you with extreme images powered by Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti graphics cards. Optimized for 1080p gaming with an 8GB 2400 MHz memory, Skytech Archangel is one of the most gaming-built PCs with the fastest high-quality FPS on e-Sports and AAA.


    Unlocked for overclocking and with intelligent Zen architecture, Ryzen 3’s powerful 4 processor cores increase gaming performance with true machine intelligence to analyze and adapt to your needs.


    It achieves high frame rate performance in high / 1080p graphics parameters for games like Apex Legends, PUBG, Overwatch and Fortnite. Command a high performance for the most intense AAA titles, such as The Division 2, Rise of the Tomb Raider and GTA V. Your PC is designed to play the most current and upgradeable games for tomorrow’s games.


    Today’s PC Gamers take care of the little things that make it common. RGB unstable lighting, consistent color schemes, high-quality visualization, and technical expertise. Every Skytech PC is built in the United States based on our customers’ best ideas and ideas.




    If you haven’t decided whether to invest in a new PC or still don’t believe you should dock the console into the cabinet, here are some last things to consider: The processors in the consoles are powerful, but they don’t achieve the performance of the fastest CPU in the gaming PC.


    The latest Intel and AMD Ryzen processors deliver incredible performance, enabling PC gamers to experience every game at the developer’s desired speed.


    Adding an amazingly stunning graphics card, the games on your PC are more dynamic and vibrant than the console.


    With a gaming PC, you can easily set up multiple screens to provide a lot of visibility, which will really drag you into the game.


    With a PC, you can immerse yourself in the game, but it doesn’t stop there.


    Different keyboards and mice not only add an extra size to LED lighting, but they are also fast and accurate, providing PC gamers with more satisfying gaming experience.


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      These are some awesome gaming desktops. It is so hard to choose but very informative.

      I actually just recently purchased a Ryzen 5 Acer laptop. I totally just use it for day to day work but I love the feel of it and how it performs.

      Thanks for sharing these options. I am going to pop over to Amazon and take a closer look.

      I’ve been considering getting a gaming computer. I can’t decide between a laptop or desktop, both have their good points and bad. This article has given me some things to think about.

      I see that you’ve mentioned the Alienware desktop. Alienware and Razer are my two top choices when it comes to gaming computers. I’m willing to pay more for a gaming pc to get the reliability, better graphics, speed, and storage … and both of those have it.

      Thanks for posting this, it’s quite informative and has some good points about each of the pcs.

      Hi, Lokhi

      Yes Alienware is by far one of the best when it comes to specs. I will recommend spending the extra bucks for a better machine. It’s all about tje specs when it comes to gaming!

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