Best Gaming Headsets [ for 2019 ]

    Best Gaming Headsets [ for 2019 ]

    What is the best gaming headset for 2019?

    In this article we will talk about the best gaming headset on the market, This will be more like a description review, you will also learn what you need to know before purchasing to avoid any disappointments.

    Now let’s get into this, nowadays reviews on every gaming headset have these criteria:





    *Battery life (or hours per charge)

    Note: The most important thing to note first is the compatibility of the headset, not every wireless headset works with all platforms.


    Everything you should know about wireless gaming headsets.


    Before you decided what to buy, there is one important thing that separates a wire and a wireless headset. The ability to move around freely! Knowing that you do not attach to your gaming console. For me, it is an easy decision Wireless. Never again will I be wire!


    With wireless, I can be in any position on my couch laying down,(trips to bathroom without taking your headset off) I mean that is pretty liberating, don’t you think?


    I know these have happened to you. You are in the middle of the game and someone shouts your name, you jump up and forget that you are attached to your gaming console, and boom there goes your headset, the wires easily damage. But even wireless headsets have their disadvantages, let’s take a look.


    Keep them charged

    Gaming sessions can take a lot of time, with wireless gaming headsets you most likely will have to charge them every other day, that task can become a little annoying. Imagine starting a game and 2 minutes into the game they go off, simply because you forgot to charge them. Over time the battery will eventually become less effective.


    Is There Lagging?

    The most common misconception about wireless headsets is the lag of sound delivery, with Bluetooth it might not be as fast as wired headset but the difference is so small you can hardly notice it. When it comes to this aspect (Price) wireless gaming headsets are as fast as wired.


    Why are they so expensive?

    Wireless headsets include the battery and additional circuitry for the wire-free technology, which is a bit pricy to accomplish.


    Lower sound quality?

    Sending sound waves through the air might be a bit difficult compared to the wire wave transmission. This is why most wireless use different technology altogether. But comparing wireless headsets to high-end audiophile headphones is pretty much not fair. Let’s look at the pros and cons.



    • Wire-free experience
    • Convenience



    • Need battery charging
    • Lower sound quality
    • Expensive


    Best Gaming Headsets for 2019

    Siberia 840

    SteelSeries Siberia 840 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Headset with Bluetooth




    • Compatible with all popular gaming platforms
    • Great battery life, up to 20h, plus 2nd battery included
    • A microphone that does the job
    • Good comfort with memory foam ear pads
    • Minimal sound leakage, good sound isolation
    • Great sound quality, 7.1 surround sound widens the soundstage



    • Pricey
    • Tight clamping force at first



    The Siberia 840 cuts the cord to deliver exceptional audio in a brilliantly designed wireless headset. Listen to your enemies clearly, they’ll think you’re hacked.



    SteelSeries designed this headset to work on all your devices. Wherever and whatever your hobbies are Siberia 840 got you cover. Do you have different devices? No problem The Siberia 840 is compatible with all major gaming platforms, PC, Mac, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with the adapter.


    Premium Designs

    A soft and stylish mix of matte black and silver plates of earcups highlighted SteelSeries Orange stitching for a polished look. Add to the comfort of the style, the memory foam headband and ear-to-ear delivers lasting use. They’re slightly on the heavier side, probably because of the battery and wireless circuitry, but this doesn’t affect comfort.


    Your Settings

    The powerful OLED transmitter gives you full control of the features that matter. Customize voice chat balance and change your EQ settings, fast.


    Best Over All | ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless




    • Good compatibility with MixAmp Pro bundle
    • Very comfortable
    • Good durability
    • Good gaming sound quality



    • Pricey


    The A50 Astro has front line acoustics, wireless connectivity, ergonomics and durability that professional players demand. With the Dolby Headphone 7.1 surround sound, a powerful wireless base station, precision micro-precision and much more, A50 is equipped with innovative audio technology for serious players.


    Professional comfort and durability

    Cloth cushions for comfort and synthetic leather roof for acoustic performance. Lightweight and durable construction with premium materials for a tightening without pressure.


    Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound Headphones

    A 3D cinematic and 3D game experience casts Dolby to stream audiences.


    Precision microphone

    Unidirectional mic and flip-to-mute functionality for clear and precise communication.


    15+ hours of battery life

    Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with great power for intense intense gaming sessions.


    Prepared mod kit

    Turn A50 into a headphone from the tournament by isolating noise. Mod is sold separately on the manufacturer’s website.


    Charge Station ASTRO

    Conductive load with easy harbor and synchronization. Devices, battery devices, and Dolby activation/deactivation status indicators. 5 GHz wireless technology for a low latency game.


    Razer ManO’War: Wireless 7.1 Surround Sound




    • Great value for money for a premium product
    • Lightweight, plastic but sturdy design
    • Retractable, uni-directional microphone
    • Very comfortable for long gaming sessions
    • Great battery life, up to 20h (with lights off)
    • Digital 7.1 surround sound improves soundstage
    • Good gaming sound, typical Razer signature



    • Not compatible with Xbox, smartphones or tablets
    • Sound quality lacking compared to audiophile headphones

    Razer ManO’War

    In-game gaming with complete wireless freedom with Razer ManO’War wireless headset for PC with 2.4 GHz wireless gaming without lag. Listen to every detail and locate each enemy with a 7.1 virtual immersive sound.


    Pillows in plush headphones

    The ManO’War 7.1 Razer plush pillows provide a complete cover for better sound insulation and comfort. Crumpled indented glasses channels eliminate pressure from the glass.


    7.1 Virtual Surround Dream

    Get the highest auditory awareness with advanced 7.1 virtual surround sound via Razer Synapse. Locate where your enemy is hitting, and calibrate the headset to your listening preferences.


    2.4 GHz Wireless Technology

    Plug-and-play with the ultra-compact wireless USB adapter and receive high-fidelity gaming audio through a lag-free 2.4GHz wireless technology with a 12 + 2-meter capacity.


    Tune Drivers 50 mm

    It boasts a powerful gaming sound with a rich soundtrack. Feel right through all the action as you make sure your team’s meetings are heard with absolute clarity.


    Intuitive On-Headset Controls

    Control the mic and volume of the game and move your mic in flight with an intuitive remote control on the headset. Stay focused on the game at all times.


    Retractable Unidirectional Microphone

    The one-way microphone offers crystal clear team communication. They are retractable and flexible, allowing you to adjust for optimal proximity and positioning.




    • The comfortable and adjustable headband design
    • Controls built into the headset
    • Retractable microphone
    • Clear sounding microphone



    • Earcups are rather shallow


    Wireless audio without lag-free

    Designed for games, the 2.4G connection offers solid and lossless audio with ultra-low latency and zero interference.


    ClearCast bi-directional microphone

    Widely recognized as the best micro in games, the Retractable Arctis ClearCast microphone provides voice clarity of study quality and exceptional noise cancellation in the background.


    Premium audio drivers

    The S1 speaker drivers offer you the competitive advantage of an incredible sound of sound. Designed to produce ultra-low distortion audio, you will feel all the details.


    DTS Headphones: X v2 Surround

    Immerse yourself in 360-degree precision audio with new generation DTS headphones: surround sound X v2.0.


    AirWeave Ear Cushions

    Play throughout the day with the AirWeave gaming sensors that keep your ears cool and dry.


    Ski Goggle Suspension Team

    The only comfortable ski goggle to wear around your entire head is to properly distribute the weight and remove the stress.


    Longevity Battery

    A Li-ion compatible battery with a 24-hour rechargeable battery for daytime running.


    Change Perfectly

    The SteelSeries Engine software is packed with audio options and apps like Discord, Spotify and much more.






    • Comfortable design
    • 15-hour battery life
    • Great wireless connectivity & performance
    • Boom mic with integrated pop filter
    • Programmable multi-function button



    • Only compatible with PC (Windows 7.1+)


    G533 LIGHTSPEED Wireless DTS 7.1 pitch headset

    Surrounding DTS Headphones: X-surround sound. Pro-G Hybrid Network Drivers blossom bass and crystal clear highs. Improved wireless and battery life. Continue reading to find out why PC World said, “The G533 is probably the best-sounding wireless headset at this price.”


    Comfortable, durable design

    Lightweight headphones with breathable sports mesh ear pads make you feel comfortable during long intense game sessions.


    Positional sound

    Listen to your enemies before you see them. DTS Headphones: X 7.1 Surround Sound restores environmental influences and positioning game designers wanted to hear from you.


    15-hour battery life

    The rechargeable, replaceable battery gives you plenty of juice for up to 15 hours of marathon session with one charge.


    Noise-canceling microphone

    A high dynamic range pointer microphone with a micro pop filter reduces crystal-clear voice communication background noise and automatically suppresses when rolled up.


    Advanced audio performance

    Pro-G audio drivers provide the audio performance typically used only in high-end headsets on smartphones.


    LIGHTSPEED wireless

    A high-end wireless network offers advanced lossless digital audio transmission and an incredible high-precision audio range of up to 15 meters.


    When it comes to free motion, nothing beats wireless. We review some of the best gaming headsets for 2019. Tell us in a comment below which one is your favorite.

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