Best Xbox One Games – 2019

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    Best Xbox One Games – 2019



    Do you own an Xbox One, Xbox One S, or Xbox One X? if so, this is a great destination for discovering new titles as well as older titles, whether you’re a heavy hunter or a time-limited random player. You are in the gaming heaven right now, because 2019 is more fun with every passing week. From Metro Exodus’s gripping first-person survival horror styles to the astonishing slash Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice twice and Devil May Cry 5 combined sky shine, it’s just a dumpling of amazing Xbox One games to get right down.


    I would also say it’s worth remembering that now is a great time to build a collection of the best Xbox One games. This is because we are approaching the middle of a gaming-tactical summer season, which means that barely a week passes now with the release of the next best Xbox game. What’s even better is that many video game retailers also run summer sales, which means that many of the games offered in this guide are available at a discount.


    In particular, Amazon seems to be smoking the parts and prices of game retailers right now, along with many games on this list, such as Red Dead Redemption 2, Battlefield V, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Tomb Raider Shadow, and all the incredibly wallet-friendly prices. So it’s a good idea to pull it off before you go if you want to check the pricing in the store because that way you can save the trip. It is also worth remembering that with E3 2019 now gone, we have some serious gaming deals to choose from.


    But without further delay, let’s get to this article





    Crash™ Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (Xbox One)

    After Spyro Reignited Trilogy and Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy have shown such a hit, Activision is back on track with its “modern remake of the classic PS1”. This time it is Crash Team Racing – one of the few arcade racers that even approaches the majesty of Mario Kart 64 – and is full of all the old tracks and racers you remember.


    Even if you missed it for the first time, you are still in treatment. With advanced visual editing, you can move the picture to every corner and try to get the stage title on some of the saddest songs you’ve ever played. Access online and local multiplayer and other Crash Nitro Kart songs and cards.





    F1 2019 Anniversary Edition – Xbox One

    With the liking of Milestone wearing a racing game every month, it’s often easy to forget other developers out there still producing motorcycle sims worth your while and hard money. British studio Codemasters still loves petrol, and the latest addition to its officially licensed F1 series – F1 2019 – is proof that such a nursery is always shining.


    This year’s iteration now includes a full simulation of the F2 championship, which tends to make an impact in the restored career mode. With more of a narrative focus than previous years, you’ll be leading a driver through their early career up to the F1 stage, with scripted drama with your longtime rivals holding things on the road. If paired with a great driving model – which will satisfy both hardcore racing sim players and more arcade-focused novices – F1 2019 proves itself to be something really special.




    Tour De France: Season 2019 – Xbox One (Xbox One)

    Sports simulations are themselves a niche for themselves, even as FIFA and Madden only have followed-up dedications in certain regions, but there are super-niche sims that give life to much more obscure sports on a virtual basis. The games of the Tour de France for years now and the last incorporation brings some welcome changes.


    Online tournaments have now been introduced with tournaments of two to four players available, while the most realistic and reactive AI makes the game alone more challenging. Speaking of challenges, this new iteration offers special modes like the Descent and the Sprint. Now you can enjoy all the most important places in the TdF race.




    Wolfenstein: Youngblood – Xbox One

    When Bethesda doesn’t provide us with some of the best RPG experiences outside of The Witcher, it serves up arrows as no one does. We already have Rage 2, and with DOOM Eternal on the horizon, the third entry in the alt-history of the Wolfenstein series is poised to introduce its kind of unique ultraviolet. With the daughters of main character BJ Blazkowicz, this 80s fairytale brings the game together for the first time in the series.


    You can either play with a friend or partner with AI, offering far more agency when it comes to solving missions and eliminating more rigorous enemies. Missions are also of a more open design, offering a more dishonest style in which tactics involving concealed or fully handed rifles can be used. This is the kind of change that made the series cry, showing a much higher replay value as a result.




    Madden NFL 20

    The new NFL season will begin in early September, which means it must be a new Madden time. The return of the annual American Football Simulator franchise NFL 20, retains familiar tactical sports simulations with some popular new features (including story mode alternatives and some special player abilities).


    Faced with franchising: QB1 is not a follow-up to the narrative-driven The Longshot series; instead, it is more like a revival of the Superstar model, where you will lead a creative player from college to the NFL. There are 10 licensed university franchises in this model, so grill fans will like this extra authenticity. There is also a new Superstar X-Factor system that introduces unique and unique features to some of the biggest and best players in the league.




    Age of Wonders: Planetfall

    The Age of Wonders series is back and brings its quadruple gameplay on PCs and sci-fi consoles Age of Wonders: Planetfall. Planetfall, in the same spirit as other popular genre titles like Europa Universalis, uses a procedurally generated map where six factions compete for control by all necessary means.


    You can choose to track business transactions and diplomacy, using natural resources to power your faction, or you can follow the path of a hot bully and build an intergalactic navy capable of destroying anyone who dares to resist. Each of the six factions has its unique units and there is enormous depth in both the turn-based battle and the political agency.




    The Sinking City (XB1) – Xbox One

    If you have a taste for games focused on investigating and solving mysteries, then the Ukrainian developer behind the latest Sherlock Holmes games has just that. Sinking City takes the same template – you are trying to solve the overriding mystery by collecting clues and addressing the locals – but that gives off the horror.


    The titular city is rife with waves, like open Gothic Venice, and our hero must try to unravel the cause of maintaining his health. If you witness acts of horror, you will be weakened to reality, so you will have to defuse your senses or risk falling into madness.




    Remnant: From the Ashes

    The makers of the Darksiders series (including last year’s criminally underrated Darksiders III) are coming in: The rest: From the ashes, a new three co-op shooter that takes the tried-and-tested formula (open folders, XP leveling, upgradable device and more) and gives it a fantastic twist.


    It turns out that night terror from another dimension invaded Earth and turned it into a familiar post-apocalyptic state. The last remnant of humanity must now use the same technology to travel to other worlds, find new weapons, and hunt for the source of this enemy. It’s very silly, and not very revolutionary, but it’s a fun alternative to The Division or World War Z games.





    Based on the studio for May Payne, Alan Wake and Quantum Break, Control – a monstrous survival horror and third-person shooter. You play Jesse, conscript, working at the Federal Bureau of control, a secret agency that studies the paranormal activity.


    If the headquarters of the agency, “The Oldest House” in New York goes to closing, Jesse has to learn his constantly changing hallway and solve the mystery at the heart. You will be able to unleash paranormal forces, such as mind control and levitation, and the use of more conventional weapons gunners to resist evil forms Hisao.




    MXGP Pro

    Like Motorsport where it’s based, the Milestone Team’s MXGP remains a very fitting racing series. One that balances realistic physics with a game about making big jumps from muddy hills and flying your bike in a first corner pile. Five games in the series and the Italian studio is constantly tweaking its racing model, as well as adding many desired modes and features for MXGP 2019.


    First, MXGP 2019 has a Track track (something the series has needed for years), so you can build, share and race on user-created tracks. There is also a new training hub – now known as Playground – that enables you to create custom race checkpoints through Waypoint mode, as well as a learning method to handle others’ different engine strokes in different track conditions. There are even contemporary rider resemblances and team details.


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