HORI Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro review | Released date

HORI Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro review | Released date

Hello, my fellow gamers today here at my game accessories we are bringing you the Hori Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro review, with the release date and also where you can pre-order. Most of us wonder if everyone else is thinking the same thing because I would like to ask you fellow gamers this, Did you find the switch’s JOY-CON controllers too small?

If you did, Hori might have come up with the answer, but we will be the judge of that in the upcoming months as we get our hands in one of the remotes. The new grip controller takes advantage of the switches modular design to replace Nintendo smaller option with controllers closer to a traditional gamepad. Let’s get to this review; we all want to know the sweet and technical side of this new remote from Nintendo.

HORI Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro review


HORI Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro (Daemon X Machina Edition) Ergonomic Controller for Handheld Mode – Officially Licensed By Nintendo – Nintendo Switch

About the product

  • Full-size controller experience in handheld mode
  • Larger grip, buttons, triggers, analog sticks, and D-Pad
  • Programmable rear buttons, Turbo, assignable buttons, and more
  • Daemon X Machina branding & accents
  • Officially Licensed by Nintendo

The Grip Controller


The grip controller is pretty much a tie into the upcoming shooter DAEMON X MACHINA complete with the game theme colors a replacement of the X button with the games’ logo.


The good thing is that the remote is compatible with other switch games’. The grip controller offers improvements such as a larger design, developments on the regular JOY_CONS, D-pad, more massive triggers, and a third rear button on each split remote.

They can be programmed, and it also includes a feature called continues fire turbo action, sounds like a fun button.


Missing Features

 As cool as this remote looks, a few features are missing if you compare to the JOY-CON features like the gyro sensor, HD rumble accelerometers, NFC, and the IR sensor.

What that means is that users will not be able to use motion control aiming with the new grip controller. The halves’ grip controllers only work when attached to the switch as they have no wireless capabilities.

 Is this Nintendo’s first attempt to improve the JOY-CON design?

 This improvement is not Hori’s first attempt to improve the JOY-CON. Last year they released a replacement for LEFT-HAND JOY-CON, which replace Nintendo’s push buttons with a traditional D-Pad when it first published until it had battery issues. Still, those problems have been a dress which has now paved the way for the grip controllers.

 When is the Release Date?

 Now it has been announced the released date in North America, The HORI Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro set to launch first in Japan in September 2019, following North America on September 30, 2019, thanks to Amazon you can now pre-order.

 Final thoughts

 This switch pad pro look amazing we all hope it performs as well as it seems, here at my game accessories, we have brought the HORI Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro review. From the grip controllers to the missing features, improvements on design, and released date. Let us know in the comments below your thoughts about this new product. That is about to hit the shelf by the end of September. Until then, keep your remotes charged and keep gaming!

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