Nintendo Flexible Ring – New Switch Accessory

    Nintendo Flexible Ring – New Switch Accessory

    MORE INFO ON SEPT 12, 2019

    As I was scrolling on my google app, I notice a piece of news from Nintendo and then I wonder did Nintendo just revealed a new accessory for the Nintendo Switch?

    Indeed they did, they Calling it a “new experience” for the Switch, Nintendo released a teaser but the firm is not releasing any details yet, but it appears to be in the mold of its Wii Fit/sports game, centered on physical activity and practice. See the video below.



    The clip shows how the switch’s controls slide into the ring, which is used to control the action on the screen. The strap lets users attach a win-con to their thig and track body movements, how players perform sit-ups, squats, and kegel practice.

    We still don’t know too much about this weird anomaly, but the ending of the video suggests Nintendo will release more on September 12th.

    The device remembers the Wii balance board, which was created with practice in mind. This is not the first unusual add-on for Switch. Last year Nintendo unveiled its Labo kits – essentially, pieces of cardboard where the console and its Joy-Cons could be inserted to create accessories for controlling mini-games.

    Earlier this year, the company used the platform to launch virtual reality on its hybrid device, though the goggles you need to hold in your face are the legend of both Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey coming to Labo VR.

    In other Nintendo news, yesterday the gaming giant added 20 Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) games to its recommended online service, adding to the 45+ NES titles already available. You need to head to and check it out!

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