Sony Playstation 4 Pro [REVIEW] 2019

    Sony Playstation 4 Pro [REVIEW] 2019

    Sony PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console – Black (PS4 Pro)




    If you’re looking for a quick summary of why you should buy a PlayStation 4 Pro, then you are in the right place: PS4 Pro is a must-have if you have a 4K, HDR TV. Plain and simple.


    With 4K TV and HDR getting cheaper every week, to accompany it with a powerful PS4 upgrade is a chemistry made in heaven of games. With the extra power, the PS4 Pro delivers 4K, 2160p resolution with all the rich, deep and vibrant color contrasts that only HDR can offer. Everything from Metal gear solid 5, Spider-Man Marvel, God of WAR those games look incredible. Your PS4 games need this in their lives!

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    Of course, if you don’t own a 4K TV, then a PS4 Pro might not be for you right now. But don’t be unhappy, because there’s also the PS4 Slim version, which brings all the power of PS4 into a quieter and simpler gaming console. For those who want the full, and want to take their game to the limits, then read on.


    Some games just deserve better. Like a PC gamer holding big bucks on a GPU and a new fancy monitor, console gamers need to be prepared to do the same if they want their chosen virtual adventure to look amazing. Because when you do, you get shots like this.


    The PS4 Pro. Super crisp 4K resolution, rich and vibrant colors and beautiful deep images in terms of contrast. Trust me when I say that the graphics delivered on the PS4 Pro look good.


    Yes, the PS4 Pro is a graphical powerhouse of a system and, presumably, the most impressive console ever made. As a person with a rich gaming history, I can honestly say that I felt that the Pro, for the money it requested, offered a gaming system comparable to a 4K gaming PC worth five times that amount.

    The difference, in the eyes of this reviewer, is small and when you consider the relatively low price, best library of games and ease of use, you need to ask why you are playing anywhere else?


    When you first look at it, I don’t think you would believe it, because the PS4 Pro is not a good looking gaming console. I am not sure about the slimmer redesign of the PS4’s aesthetically however, with the larger, almost comically triple-tiered Pro, that look sets my mind on it. While the overall shape has remained the same, the soft, slab-like simplicity of the original system is now well and truly lost. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.




    Asides from the excess tier though it is business as usual with the system itself. One ‘new’ addition behind the PS4 Pro compared to the PS4 Slim is the remodeling of a digital optical port.


    In a quick summary, therefore, the PS4 Pro has an HDMI, digital optical, USB, network and power port on the back, as well as a USB port brace on the front. The power and the buttons remain physical, a change made to the original PS4 Slim, yet now outward facing the long wheels on the console’s middle tier.



    But to look at the external details, get a bit of a change, and then question the improvement of the PS4 Pro on the PlayStation 4 is ludicrous. In a process that dates back to its childhood generations, iterative releases – as you see in the smartphone market – have gained traction. The System lifespans are getting shorter and shorter, with iterations on previous systems now standard, rather than one of a decade of wholesale changes.


    You just have to look at how the original PS4 was changed to the PS4 Slim, before then being brought up in terms of the line-up with the PS4 Pro, to see a fast-changing industry. The fact that Sony is approaching the console market without a one-console-to-rule-them-all-mentality, which offers multiple systems at once, shows that it feels different. in the gaming market.


    Honestly, I think they’re right. Players, in terms of age brackets and financial clouts, are vastly different and while an 8-year-old playing in his bedroom doesn’t need 4K, HDR TV and PS4 Pro, a 38-year-old professional certainly can. I have been using 4K, HDR TVs for years now and while most of them have done great jobs in upscaling 1080p console graphics, the difference is with a smooth 4K gaming machine that emits 2160p that the native is incredibly marked.


    Look at some of these pictures! Because if you get the PS4 Pro, the 2160p visual is something you can practice.




    See, could you technically get a better visual experience on PC? As always, the answer is yes, but you would have to spend thousands to go beyond the fantastic fidelity offered by the PS4 Pro. The point is that this kind of graphics where you look at the screen and can’t see where the compromises were to be made, is not a rule for gaming on the console and currently the PlayStation 4 Pro is the only system I’ve played on that does that.


    Of course, the real test of PS4 Pro hardware will come when we see the upcoming AAA games and witness how it handles more demanding particle effects and if more games can run closer to 60fps than 30fps, but if any build on the one delivered during our testing, then that entry price would become even more justified. So, when it comes to raw graphics, the PS4 Pro provides that.




    The PS4 Pro – like Slim did before – is the same gaming platform you’re used to if you play the PlayStation 4. The interface is the same, the store is the same and the feature is the same. The two major differences in package and speed are, first, the PS4 Pro comes with a 1TB hard drive – a smart decision because it keeps contact with the Xbox One S in terms of storage – and, second, everything else about the boot and user interface works faster and smoother.


    PS4 Pro with PC gaming. For less than the price of a PC-capable 4K GPU itself, Pro delivers 2160p, HDR games in the most affordable plug-and-play manner possible. The boot is lifted almost instantaneously, has the best overall gaming ecosystem on the market today, and thanks to everything smoother and faster, it is a joy to use.


    Not for everyone, given that the PS4 Pro is almost certainly overkilled for those without a 4K TV, but if you’re already equipped with 2160p, HDR games or plan to be out very soon, then PlayStation 4 Pro is a must-buy for you.

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