Before we start with the best gaming mouse 2019, you should know that while “gaming” and your standard mouse work in a similar way and mechanism, gaming mouse are better because they offer you switching between different DPI and extra programmable buttons. Imagine playing and assigning all of your spells to the mouse buttons along with your primary attacks. (Pretty sweet right?)


    Today we look at the best gaming mouse available on the market to buy. If you’re wondering why this list? it’s because the market is now saturated and every other company releases its product, including wired and wireless headphones, mouse and keyboards for gaming. While this may seem like a walk in the park for hard consumers, for people who do not have a lot of knowledge about these, it can be somewhat difficult.


    To make sure it doesn’t, I’ve come up with a list of the best gaming mouse you can buy on the market. To make things fair and clear, I’ve included wireless and wired gaming mice to make sure all readers are satisfied.






    Many factors to take into account when choosing the best gaming mouse for you. In terms of specifications, the largest is the resolution in DPI. (DPI stands for, dots per inch), and you need to look for something in the range of 8,000-16,000 DPI. Acceleration and tracking are also important, just as if the mouse has mechanically switched buttons.


    The amount of buttons is also worth considering, plus the design and the type of grip. Remember that there are different ways to hold a mouse – claw, palm, fingertip, etc. – and you must determine your grip before you pull out your money because a specific mouse is primarily designed for specific grips.


    Last consider whether the mouse is more ambitious in design or not, as some are designed for right or left-handed users only, and whether the mouse allows weight change. Check if the mouse has programmable buttons and for which genres it is best because certain gaming mice are focused on first-person shooter use and other real-time strategy titles.







    Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum


    If you like to weight your mouse then you need to know the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum – it can be cloud and weigh around 6.6-gram. That way, if you want a heavy mouse to use on a legitimate military page then you are well served.


    Other future features include a moving wheel such as a steering wheel (activated by clicking the mouse button), which enables dream spinning, as well as 11 key buttons. And, speaking of your design, Logitech has its RGB backlash machine with 16.8 million custom colors available. Arguably one of the best mice of the 2019 game.






    SteelSeries Sensei 310


    While the SteelSeries Sensei 310 has its drawbacks such as lack of weight adjustment and a slightly plastic surface, these victims are there to raise the rod anywhere else, with its two-sided design (suitable for both left and right-handed users), the super precision 12,000 DPI sensor and a lightweight built-in (weighing only 92g), it is one of the best gaming Mouse of 2019 – especially when considering a very affordable point.


    If you’re a fan of light, no-frills, but a high-performance mouse accessory, it might be the best gaming mouse for you.








    The future look is the G.Skill Ripjaws MX780, which is one of the most featured and customizable gaming mouse. That adaptation comes in the form of height-adjustable palm rest, bifurcated and interchangeable side grips, and naturally adjustable weight. In terms of internal technology, the MX780 packs an 8,200 dpi laser sensor that supports on-the-fly DPI switching, 8 programmable buttons, on-board memory storage for profiles, and a voting rate of up to one thousand Hz.


    Best of all, you can also get this attractive gaming mouse for a very affordable price. One of the best gaming mouse on the market, especially if you are after a stand-out design.






    Corsair Gaming Sabre RGB


    Corsair Saber RGB provides very low-cost characteristics. The optical sensor is only10,000 dpi, but it is a super comfortable and lightweight design (just 100 grams), and a refresh rate of 1000 Hz and 8 programmable buttons.


    Corsair does not skimp on coverage options, and Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) allows you to determine the color and brightness of the multi-zone lighting around the mouse. In general, high-quality gaming mouse at a great price and worth a place in your list of the best gaming mice in 2019.






    HyperX Pulsefire Surge


    HyperX continues to make a remarkable entry into the high-end gaming market with this well-known, RGB game. The HyperX Pulsefire Surge game features a 16,000 DPI sensor, buttons enabled with 50 million Omron converters, on-board memory to keep users account, and a “Light Ring” lighting system that delivers 360-degree results.


    All modifications can be easily manipulated and changed to HyperX’s NGenuity software, too. Arguably one of the best mouse.






    Razer DeathAdder Elite


    The Razer Deathadder Elite ticks just about any box you might have in search of the best gaming mouse, and it fits them with style – here you have 16,000 DPI resolution as well as up to 450 IPS / 5G acceleration, and Razer’s excellent mechanical mouse also switches.


    In addition to the specifications, the style is very impressive with all the textured tires and tactile buttons that it is a pleasure to use. Razer Synapse is supported, so you have 16.8 million colors to choose from additional lighting. It may not be as eye-catching as other models here, but it’s sharp, precise and powerful where it matters. You may find your gaming knowledge to take care of the Razer Deathadder Elite.





    ASUS ROG Spatha


    the ROG Spatha mouse has a great price tag, but then another setback from Asus’s elite Republic of Gamers range is the right choice for our best list. Made from magnesium alloy and stimulating an 8,200 dpi sensor with 2000 Hz throwing in spray radios (1000 Hz in wire), 16 million maybe bright colors and 12 actionable buttons, were made especially for MMORPG players.


    It is large and heavy, jumps as fast as 179g, but is hands-free when you use a palm instead of a bend. The side buttons have odd shapes compared to other mice – embedded in the ROG interface – and take a little getting used to, but the odd shape means they are easy to recognize when it comes to.


    Right now the big buttons on the left and right have no right to make the chassis easy to touch, and you can swap them with heavy adjustments if you want. We’re talking a lot of money here, but a lot of mice. If you are serious about MMORPGs it is one of your shortlist along with Logitech G502.






    Logitech G502 Lightspeed


    The G502’s high comfort level and responsiveness, the G502 Lightspeed is now not only a wireless gaming mouse, but it is also a wireless gaming mouse that can support Logitech’s Powerplay continuous charging technology. This means that the mouse can be used in wired mode, wireless usage or charging mode, or continuous charging mode on a compatible mouse pad.


    When it comes to charging, the new G502 needs to charge less between wireless uses outside of the Powerplay mat thanks to its dramatically improved battery life. For example, where the Logitech G703 offers 24-hour battery life with backlight enabled, the G502 Lightspeed can deliver that number twice, staying between 48 hours between charges.


    Lightspeed is also incredibly light (114 grams only), though you can add up to four weights of two grams if you want to plant a little more, and comes with the packaging of Logitech’s next-generation HERO 16K gaming sensor, which provides excellent precision.






    Roccat Kain 120 Aimo RGB


    Its quality begins in terms of its aesthetic design and feels at hand. Structurally the cloth is low, smooth, and leaning towards the palm. However, the relatively rectangular and uniform flow from the back to the front means that the claw grips are well-adjusted.


    The entire chassis is coated with a super-fine rubber, described by Roccat as an “evolutionary performance coating” that specializes in combating the formation of dirt and moisture, while also delivering high levels of anti-wear. This chassis, with its classy black and white colorway, and simple lush brushed metal button divider, makes the Kain incredible – and that even comes with zero AIM lighting.


    On the other hand, the 120 AIMO is incredibly moving at speed, almost certainly up to lightweight of just 89 grams. There is no beating system here to slow down the mouse and, simply put, the fans of medium and lightweight mice will be heaven – and especially if they have a penchant for fast gaming genres like FPS.


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      I have tried many different mouses over a course of 20 years . And Logitech has seemed to be the best for responsiveness as well as durability.I have dropped these mouse far too many times to count but the Logitech has been very resilient

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