Top 3 Nintendo Switch Games – Best Sellers

Top 3 Nintendo Switch Games – Best Sellers

The gaming world is moving in the right direction as Nintendo is still a serious contender to bring its fans what they want. the Nintendo Switch has been gaining popularity, at My Game Accessories, we have taken the time to bring you a list of the Top 3 Nintendo Switch Games. We thought it would be fun and keep these games in mind as we all wait to the end of September with the release of the Hori Nintendo Switch Pad Pro, it will be fun to play some of this games in the new system. You can read all about the release and much more, head to our Blog tab in our website to find out more. Without further due here is the list we have put together. Let’s move on to number 1


Game Description and extras

Now you can play, create, and share the side-scrolling Super Mario game, available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch system. Dive into the single-player Story Mode and built-in courses to rebuild the Princess castle. You can also make your own courses, alone or together.

Nintendo Switch Online membership, allows you to share your courses, access a near-endless supply of courses made by other players, enjoy online multiplayer. The new side-scrolling Mario adventure unleashes the creative potential of Super Mario Maker 2 awaits you in Story Mode, which contains over 100 built-in courses.

This is one of the cool features in the Course Maker, a wide range of parts, tools, and more are available so you can build your own courses. Want shooting cannons? Bowser riding on a giant? Cat Mario sliding down slopes to take out an army?

You are the Maker your creativity will explode with these game. Can you build together? Yes you can simply pass a Joy-Con controller to a partner to build cooperatively on a single system.

What does the Nintendo Switch Online membership offers?

The membership gives you access to the Course World and its wealth of online content and functionality, you can track your rankings, share your creations. Also, you can tackle Endless Challenges, save online courses locally for later offline play, enjoy online multiplayer with players both near and far, and customize how the appearance of your Mii character. Nintendo Switch Online membership (is sold separately) and you require a Nintendo Account for online play. Not available in all countries. Internet access required for online features.


Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a fighting game for up to eight players in which characters from Nintendo games and from other games must try to knock each other out of an arena. Each player has a percentage gauge which raises when they take damage, making them easier to launch them out of the arena.


Standard battles use one of three victory conditions, timed, where players aim to win the most points by defeating opponents within a time limit, Stock, where players have a set number of lives and must aim to be the last player standing, and Stamina, where players must simply reduce their opponent’s health down to zero to defeat them.

You can use multiple items to attack your enemies or grant them power-ups, along with Poké Balls and Assist Trophies which they summon Pokémon and other non-playable characters to assist them in battle.

In Timed matches, certain Assist Trophies can be attacked and defeated to earn points. The game has 103 different stages, which each of them be played in alternative Battlefield and Omega forms. A new feature called Stage Morph allows players to select two stages that the game alternates during a match. Other tweaks include new icons and gauges for character-specific abilities, such as Cloud’s Limit gauge.

New Modes

The Returning modes such as Classic and Special Smash, along with new modes added to the game including Smashdown, where each character can only be played once, Squad Strike, where players battle in teams of multiple characters, and Tournament, which allows up to 32 players to battle in tournament brackets. We rated a good game for family night.



If you like exploration games and adventure you can find that in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a ground breaking new game in the acclaimed series. The game consists of traveling across vast fields, through forests, and to mountain peaks as you walking and explroing you discover what has become of the kingdom of Hyrule in this Adventure.

Breath of the Wild introduces a consistent motor to the Zelda series, letting players approach problems in different ways. The game also integrates the physical properties of most objects and governs how they interact with the player and one another.

Main Character

The main character of the game is Link, as Link players can perform actions such as running, climbing, swimming, and gliding with a paraglider, although Link is limited by his stamina. Link can procure items from the environment, including weapons, food, and other resources.
In previous Zelda games, weapons and shields will degrade over time. Players can obtain food from hunting animals, wild fruit.

An important tool in Link’s arsenal is the Sheikah Slate, which can be used to mark places on the game map. Over the course of the game, Link can collect powers to add to the Slate, including remote bombs, the ability to manipulate metal objects, form ice blocks, and temporarily stop time.

In combat, players can lock onto targets for more precise attacks, while certain button combinations allow for advanced offensive and defensive moves.[11] Players may also defeat enemies without weapons, setting traps such as rolling boulders off cliffs into enemy camps. For us, this game is a must-play especially if you are into adventure and exploring.


MGA Pick

As we saw we have some great games available for all of us we review games that will spark your creativity, we also saw games that will spark your competitive edge and last but not least we saw the game of exploration and clue collecting, as for us our pick here at My Game Accessories, we are going with the Mario Maker 2 simply because of the building and creating anything you can think of and then you can share and also play other makers courses. To us that just simply sound amazing. Leave your comments below on your fav of the Top 3 Nintendo Switch games – Amazon’s best sellers. Until next time my fellow gamers keep those remotes charged and keep Gaming!

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