What is Cloud Gaming – Google Stadia?

    What is Cloud Gaming – Google Stadia?


    You might be wondering right now as you see my title, what is cloud gaming? and what does Google has to do with it? Cloud Games is the focus of Gamescom, the world’s best gaming trade show this year. Google’s new platform, Stadia, can completely change the gaming industry.

    Cloud gaming is easy to explain. Instead of storing a game on a single disk or a hard disk, it is located in a computer center – the so-called cloud – (nobody understands the cloud, and that’s okay) and can be streamed across the Internet from anywhere and any device. Players no longer need an upgraded PC, but they will need a stable internet connection.

    Cloud gaming has been going on for 10 years, but it has not been hit out of the park just yet. Thanks to new cloud game services such as Google Stadia, this year is likely to change. Stadia promises users will be able to play the game on any screen, whether it’s a smartphone, a computer, a TV or a tablet.

    All you need is Google Chrome and an internet connection. Google provides the necessary controller. The product will be available in November in the US, Canada, and several European countries.




    The advantage of this type of “Netflix for games” is that it reaches user groups who may be interested in digital games but have never had access to current production without a console or a high-end PC.

    Aside from the fact that it is a profitable and growing market – which is why industry giants like Sony and Microsoft also have their cloud gaming services – it could also enhance the image of video games and players. Although watching bing TV shows has become socially acceptable, adults who spend a lot of time playing video games will love this.




    Playing in the cloud also has one major drawback: it only works with a stable internet connection. Delays in the transfer of digital games quickly lead to death on screen. ( No one likes lag) Unlike movie streaming, where parts of the movie can be pre-loaded, video games are an interactive medium and scenes cannot be pre-loaded.


    Finally, the player decides what happens next. Game platforms need to be creative to keep the game running smoothly, even with a weak internet connection. For example, PlayGiga, the Spanish cloud gaming service provider, shuts down graphics in such cases.




    All the same, cloud gaming is the next big change in the gaming industry and will have a significant impact on digital games. Casual games like the Candy Crush Saga are already a huge hit: They are easy to learn and have long since won smartphones. Family games that couples can easily play at home with the couch are also good.

    It will become increasingly important for developers to customize their games across platforms, as cloud games allow seamless switching between TVs, tablets, smartphones, and PCs. They will also have to deal with shorter ranges of user attention for any given game – after all, a large game library will tempt people to try many of them, rather than spending hundreds of hours on a single title.

    In the long run, cloud gaming providers may also end up developing games. They know exactly what their subscribers want to be based on their usage data for streaming services. Netflix has already been leading its productions in the film and series.


    With so many providers currently on the market, they will have to offer added value to their customers as it is unlikely that they will subscribe to several cloud gaming providers at once. After all, many are already downloading subscriptions to multiple streaming services for movies, series, music or sports content.

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